PipeTube Pro - New improved pipe carrier from Rhino Products

Introducing the New PipeTube Pro


For over a decade Rhino’s PipeTube™ has been the accessory of choice for van users and fleet managers when transporting copper pipe, conduit or similar length materials.

Rhino's design team of experienced engineers have been hard at work redeveloping practically every aspect of the original product to build upon its core attributes of strength and style. The result is PipeTube Pro™ – a game-changing commercial vehicle accessory.

The redesign allows Rhino to boast a series of impressive new product features, most noticeably the PVC interior lining which protects against the oxidation process of copper pipes or other materials stored inside reacting with the aluminium of the tube.

The two PipeTube Pro™ nose cones at either end have been redesigned offering improved aerodynamism and enhanced theft-deterrence thanks to the locking system now being housed within the interior of the product. In addition, the PipeTube Pro™ has two stylised grooves down either side and an O-ring seal which reduces water ingress. Steve Egerton explained that the PipeTube Pro™ redesign is “a great example of Rhino’s commitment to not only developing new products, but to also constantly improving upon our existing range.”

PipeTube Pro™ will be available in two and three metre lengths and shares its predecessor’s universal fitting bracket making it compatible with all Rhino Products roof bars and racks across all of Europe’s top commercial vehicles, leaving the stage set for it to become Europe’s new leading pipe carrying product.

Key features of the new PipeTube Pro™ include:

  • Bold aesthetics: striking new powder-coated paint finish and exterior design features 
  • All new nose cone and adjoining sleeve
  • Enhanced theft deterrence: locking system housed within main extrusion
  •  O-ring seal to reduce water ingress
  • Available with full length PVC lining to reduce oxidation process and protect items stored inside from discolouration


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