Coming Soon - New Product Launch - KammRack by Rhino Products Ltd

Introducing KammRack


Extremely aerodynamic and our quickest ever fitting roof rack, requiring only person to install, the new KammRack replaces Rhino’s AluminiumRack product, which was a market leading commercial vehicle roof storage system.

While at first glance the new rack looks similar to its predecessor, a large number of changes have gone into taking this product to the next level. Most notably, and as implied by the new name, the rack now benefits from the ultra-aerodynamic ‘Kamm’ bar profile, as well as sharing its feet with the KammBar range.

Why do we think the KammRack will be a Hit?

Watch the video below to find out more.


Aerodynamic nose cone

The highly aerodynamic nose cones provide minimal wind noise and great aesthetics.

Aluminium full-width rear roller

The rear roller is now made from anodised aluminium, which is every bit as strong as its steel predecessor but also fits in better aesthetically with the rest of the rack. The rear roller clicks into place, with two track nuts in the side frames

Pre-assembled KammBar legs

The KammRack’s legs arrive with the saddle and plastic cowls in place for fast fitting.

Weight reduction

As modern commercial vehicles continue to reduce in weight, the requirement for strong but lightweight accessories has also increased. Our design team have managed to considerably reduce the weight of the KammRack, without compromising on any of the strength.

Aerodynamic ‘Kamm’ shape cross bars

Providing minimal wind noise thanks to Rhino’s innovative ‘Kamm’ bar profile

‘Click’ together side frames

The KammRack’s side frames are delivered in two halves for easy shipping, in a single one-man-lift box – the frames can then be joined together in seconds during the fitting process.

One person installation

Thanks to the KammRack’s quick and easy installation, with ‘click together’ side frames, the rack requires one person to fit, taking only 25 minutes and 14 minutes for two people.

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