Chris Evans - Van Roof Bars ???? Really....

Chris Evans - Virgin Radio Presenter & Roof bar Specialist


Who'd of thought it?

Read on for details of the story from Rhino Products

"On Thursday of last week, while listening to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio, the team at Rhino Products heard that Chris was in need of a van roof rack or bars for his VW T5 Caravelle, prior to a trip away that weekend"

Quickly, our team was in contact with Chris and by midday on Thursday, had arranged for his van to be fitted with the premium Rhino KammBars the next afternoon. KammBars can carry 75kg per bar and are extremely durable and aerodynamic, adding to the aesthetics of any modern commercial vehicle.

By Friday afternoon, Chris’s van had been dropped to one of our trusted dealers and had a set of four KammBars fitted, ready for his weekend trip. On Tuesday morning’s breakfast show, Chris spoke of his ‘brand new, beautiful roof bars from Rhino Products’, that came in extremely handy for transporting his kayak over the weekend – we’re delighted that Chris is happy with his new bars and that we were able to source and fit them in time for his weekend trip.

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